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Use it Straight Away! Understand With Examples! Real Life Guide for Hiring Foreigners.


Publisher: Daiichihouki
Second Edition Published: December 3rd 2019

Our Book ‘Real Life Guide for Hiring Foreigners’ was published by Daiichihouki and is currently in its second edition.

In this book we explain the necessary knowledge and immigration procedures needed by companies when hiring foreigners. With this book you will be able to learn from real life examples what to be careful with when hiring foreigners.

This book was even recognised as a textbook to be used when studying for the Gaishi-Kentei test in May 2020.

◆For More information about the Gaishi-Kentei here:

Easy to Understand Immigration Paperwork: Basic Knowledge, Real Life Application and Past Examples


Written By Sano Shuo, Sano Makoto
First Edition Published: October 2001
Fifth Edition Published: July 2017
Publisher: Nihonkajoshuppan
Price: ¥3,600 (Tax Excl.)

A Best-Seller of 16 years. This book contains not just a wealth of knowledge about laws and ordinances it also contains a huge number of real-life examples of visa paperwork and is read by everyone from company HR managers to Attorneys alike. We tried to write this book simply and straight forward to make it accessible not just to experts but also total beginners. This book is split in to two main sections. A guide to basic knowledge and actual visa paperwork and a Q&A that covers 112 important questions that people have when it comes to visas. This book is loved and used widely as a learning book by the Gyoseshoshi Association to Municipal offices alike.

How to Support Foreign Technical Trainees and Interns: A Manual


Written By: Sano Makoto (CEO of Acroseed),
Akiyama Shuji (Former Representative for Acroseed Social Insurance Lawyer’s Office)
Published By: Nihonkajoshuppan
First Edition Published: May 2013
Price: ¥2,310 (Tax Incl.)

1.Overview of the Technical Intern and Trainee System
2.Needs of Technical Interns and Trainees
3.Main Differences Between Technical Interns and Trainees
4.Paperwork Involved in Obtaining the Technical Trainee Visa
5.Paperwork Involved in Obtaining the Technical Intern Trainee Visa 1(a)
6.Paperwork Involved in Obtaining the Technical Intern Trainee Visa 1(b)
7.Conversion from Technical Intern Trainee Visa 1(a) to 1(b)
8.Differences between Applying as an Individual Company and applying using an Agency
9.Introduction of Workers
10.Management of Technical Intern Trainees

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