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Consulting for Companies Interested in Hiring Foreigners

1.Consulting for Companies Interested in Hiring Foreigners

1.Service Description

・Our experienced specialists will explain the practical procedures and pitfalls to avoid for companies hiring foreigners for the first time.

・We provide tailored analysis of your company’s situation and answer questions such as: “Can we employ foreigners?”, “Can a work visa be granted for a certain candidate?”, “What are the steps after the candidate accepts the offer and joins the company?”

・We propose practical solutions for foreigner recruitment in line with your business needs in addition to explaining the governing laws and regulations.

・Our office specializes in immigration but we can also introduce you to reliable and experienced professionals such as recruitment agencies, overseas Technical Trainee support organizations, business unions, Specified Skilled Worker support companies, labor and social security attorneys, lawyers, and tax accountants.

2.Service Examples

Client’s Concerns1

Manufacturing company in Tokyo with more than 500 employees

 The company hired foreigners a few decades ago but now has no idea because it has been so long since the last hire and the previous manager has changed roles. The company plans to hire some new foreign graduates and requests continuous support on the practical steps of how to deal with visa status and HR management after they join.

Consulting Outcome

 Since the intended number of recruits was low, we proceeded on the basis that the hiring manager would be able to manage the procedures by himself after consulting. Starting with an explanation of the status of the residence system, we highlighted the legal obligations the hiring company needed to comply with from the time the employee joined the company to after being hired and recommended some optional management policies that would be ideal if implemented. Although the hiring number was low, based on our long track record in the industry, we proposed a plan that would allow the company to build a strong and clear foundation of policies to serve them long into the future.

  By following up with the client regularly after the hiring until the next visa renewal, the client has been able to continue its business without having any trouble with the visa procedures of its foreign employees.

Consulting for Companies
Interested in Hiring Foreigners
30,000 yen╱hour × 5 consultations 150,000 yen

Client’s Concerns2

Educational institute in Tokyo with 5 employees

 The company operates an international nursery with native English teachers. Currently, they have 4 native teachers but plans to hire a Slovakia national as an English teacher. The company has received conflicting information with the governmental department saying, “Those from non-English-speaking countries cannot gain work visa as English teacher.” while some specialists say, “There have been some cases where the visa was granted.”

 Also, the client has been negotiating employment conditions with the teachers by themselves on an ad-hoc basis. This is a good opportunity to improve the hiring policies to ensure law compliance.

Consulting Outcome

 We noted that the company has built very good relationships with their native teachers and operating the business without problem. However, there were several details in their employment contracts and methods of hiring that could be improved for legal compliance. We explained each issue with the corresponding legal basis and proposed how they could rectify them.

 Regarding their main concern with the Slovakian English teacher, the work visa was successfully obtained after submitting a detailed explanation letter to the Immigration Office on the job description, process and reasons for the hire.

 The client has since expanded its business operations outside of the international nursery and is proactively hiring foreigners to boost its workforce. 

Consulting for Companies
Interested in Hiring Foreigners
30,000 yen╱hour × 4 consultations 120,000 yen
Drafting of Employment Contract
and Work Policies
handled by our collaborative labor and social security attorneys firm 150,000 yen

3.Fee Estimates

・Please feel welcome to share your concerns with us and enquire about our services. We would propose the most appropriate fee structure for your individual case and requests.

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