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Company Establishment Support

Company Establishment Support

1. Support We Offer

 Our experts will guide you every step of the way to starting your dream company in Japan.

1.Company Establishment Consultation

・We will support you through all stages of setting up your company from establishment to getting the Business Manager visa.

・Support for applying for the 4-month visa for those applying from outside the country

・Our experts will help you understand the different types of companies and explain the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision

2.We can introduce to experts and other services to help your business run smoothly

・English Speaking Tax Attorney

・Attorney (advocate) to help you with legal trouble such as labour disputes

・Company establishment lawyer (for establishing the company and if you need to change any of the registration details such as the company address etc.)

・Referral of reasonably priced offices (with locations throughout the Greater Tokyo Area)

3.Support with Opening Company Bank Account

・We can offer advice on how to open a company bank account.

4.Support for Obtaining the Business Manager Visa

・We will support the preparation of all documents needed for the application

・We will create a business plan to be submitted to immigration that is tailored to your business and based on those of past successful applications

・We will apply for your visa on your behalf

・We will liaise with immigration throughout the whole process from application to getting the visa

2.Success Stories


 We have years of experience applying for Permanent Residence. Please see our customer testimonials [起業@Japan] on our homepage. Prices




・We offer free consultation so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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