Indivudual counseling service

Inheritance and Wills Support for Foreigners

Inheritance and Wills Support for Foreigners

1.Support We Offer

 Our experts will Support you every step of the way and give you the best advice to secure your estate for the future whatever happens.

1.Consultation for Wills and Probate

・Want to divide your assets between your family while you are still healthy

・Want to legally decrease the amount of inheritance tax your loved ones will have to pay to receive their inheritance

・Want to leave a will for your children

2.We can introduce experts to make the process as smooth as possible

・English Speaking Tax Accountant

・Judicial Scrivener

・Attorney at Law (in the unfortunate event of fighting over the inheritance)

3.Services We can Offer

・The Creation of a Legally Enforceable Will

・Support in Securing the Execution of Wills and Creation of Legal Agreement Letter for Division of Assets After Death


We decide our prices on an individual basis. Please feel free to come for a free consultation.

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