Indivudual counseling service

Lump-sum Pension Refund Payment

Lump-sum Pension Refund Payment

1.Support We Offer

 Our experts will guide you through the whole process to claim your pension refund.

1. Lump-sum Refund Consultation

・Want to know about the flow?

・Want to apply for an income tax rebate?

・Want to apply even though you left the country a year ago?

2.Support for Applying for Pension Rebate

・Explanation of Application process and timeframe

・Preparation of necessary documents

・Creation of Application Materials

・Selection of Administrator of Tax Payment

・Application with Local Authority

・Sending the Money Abroad to You

2.Success Stories


Please see our customer testimonials [脱退一時金請求代行サービス] on our homepage.




・We offer free consultation so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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