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Consultation service for foreign employees

Consultation service for foreign employees

1.Service Description

・Our team of experts could act as a point for private consultation for your company’s employees regarding residency, living in Japan and troubles they might encounter.

・Giving peace of mind both to the foreign employees and lessening the burden on the company HR.

・Our office can report back to the company HR regarding the consultations subject to professional confidentiality limitations.

2.Service Examples


System development company in Tokyo with 100 employees

 The company has a large number of highly educated engineers interested in the ‘Highly Skilled Professional’ visa. However, the status of ‘Engineer/Specialist in humanities/International services’ is sufficient for them to work for the company.

 We suggested that such enquiry be directed to us as private consultations in order to relieve the company from personal matters. The company HR is able to focus on their core functions while the employees know that they could plan their future residency with professional advice.


Foreign-owned system service company in Tokyo with 80 employees

・The company HR initially handled all the immigration matters for their foreign employees internally but the large volume became unmanageable. The company decided to outsource the tasks and individual consultations to our office.

・ACROSEED provides regular feedback to the company on the content of the consultation. The company gains useful insights on the issues concerning foreign employees for planning HR strategies.


Language school in Tokyo with 60 employees

・Many native teachers from countries such as America, Australia and Canada come to Japan for the first time and require extra care in assisting with immigration procedures. Our office also provides consultation for matters that the teachers are reluctant to consult the company.

・Some of the young teachers are multi-talented and gain income through hobby activities such as singing and DJ-ing. We provide advice in these cases to ensure the activities comply with the law in advance. This benefits their stay in Japan by preventing potential issues and violations that could hinder their permanent residency application in the future.

3.Fee Estimates

・Please feel welcome to share your concerns with us and enquire about our services. We would propose the most appropriate fee structure for your individual case and requests.

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